26 + 26 = 54
<koen> memcpy is murder
<av500> memory leeks?
<funman> ./ worthy news: i can encode into the lego adpcm format! <av500> ah, this is why I overheard my son mentioning ffmpeg to the other kids in the sandbox...
<derf> 0 is equivalent to 1.
<_koen_> did david lynch design xbmc?
<KotH> chocolate is serious business!
<courmisch> hey, why *my* jokes don't go to fortunes
<_av500_> run the code downhill
<elenril> kill first, send patches later
* av500 wants a powdered hub
<djlewis_> Macs and mushrooms
* elenril forbids any holes
* elenril thinks ogg was designed for unreliable minds
Troll Driven Development
<Brokie> i never said I didn't KNOW about the halting problem <Brokie> i said <Brokie> I've never experienced it
<BastyCDGS> what do you mean with moog synth exactly?
<KotH> BastyCDGS: have you ever heard of the pdp-11? <BastyCDGS> pdp-11? no
<barque> ARM sucks <barque> I used an ARM9 in my EDP <barque> slow as all hell
* av500 officially announces: FRIDAY!
<koen> _av500_ knows *it*
<_av500_> koen: ti codec hunter? <_av500_> they come out at dusk to transcode <_av500_> on2 is easy to spot, it sheds white papers left and right
<+elenril> inb4 someone quotes this
<koen> oh dear, I'm in http://26-26-54.hardwarebug.org/ <koen> that must mean I'm a professional now
<Dark_Shikari> I-- I didn't do this for y-you. I just h-had some extra asm lying around, th-that's all.
<av500> all hail Zorder!
I don't recommend Torvalds' version of Linux. -- RMS
<av500> damn, rain is picking up 3db every 5minutes...
<funman> we'll celebrate it by drinking the blood of quicktime users
<funman> in a fight between Linus Torvalds and Michael Niedermayer, who would win?
<jamuraa> I wonder if it's theoritically possible to run Android without linux <av500> theoritically possible <av500> yes <koen> hurdroid <koen> anhurd <av500> turdroid <koen> andraris <koen> soldroid <koen> anbsdroid <av500> windroid <av500> loldroid <av500> notthedroidyouarelookingfor <koen> andorrhoid <emeb> koen wins
koen rule #3: try and find out
<koen> I think I'm going to port ffmpeg to beagle C4
<merbzt> we like drama
<DonDiego> this is the most trollish, out-of-context misquote i have heard in years..
<cartman> thank god we have pr0n anyway
<janneg> it's either DonDiego or a bot. it complained about trailing whitespace and tabs
<impulze> anyone here good with asking meta questions?
* kshishkov is suspicious about alphabet juices
* Lobs ponders how he could "top post" on irc.
<iive> ok, maybe we should stop talking about fox news. <kierank> talk about the software equivalent, that is xiph
<cartman> my fate is green
<_av500_> tell your supervisor to give you a proper project
* av500 puts a memory barrier around KotH
Engineering is what you do after the product breaks. -- Jason Kridner
<j-b> please use brain, if possible
<dm8tbr> beer + pizza = 54!
<j-b> java is hell
<av500> coolness is in the fingertip of the beholder
<cwillu_at_work> djlewis_, can I run crysis under wine on a beagle with angstrom? or do I need to port android first?
* av500 prefers wikileeks
* djlewis_ likes fridays on tuesdays and all other days too
<av500> woglinde: for the record: "aldi never sold dm37xx with a buy one get one free scheme"
<k3nt> just asking so I can get amusing answers...
<trem> nite all, sweet dreams
<Crofton> urg <koen> sweeeeeeeet
<ds2> LCDs are huge shift registers with side effects
<Tjoppen> japp, svenska är det official ffspråket
<TypX> French are evil <geal> French are sexy <ILEoo> French are ponies
<mmu> autofools burn in hell
<kierank> in the beginning god created a ts file
<elenril> fast code is overrated
<saintdev> omgomgomgzomg!
* orbarron is not doing videos!!!
* _av500_ watches "how to fork your own upstream"
<ohsix> it's not porn until someone sees it :D <Compn> schrodinger porn
<av500> alt.bizarre.ffmpeg-devel
<av500> elsie always picks the *other* guy
* dalias wonders if antignostic is a word
<MrNaz> my underpantaloons are currently rocking
* elenril summons reviews * av500 reviews summons
<av500> italy has only one true op
<LetoThe2nd> aamallaahaamallaahaaaawallawallabingbong...
<peloverde> Apparently BBB has no class
<ds2> OMG, it is infested with ubuntu!!
<BBB> windows makes babies cry
<BBB> that's fair theft!
<peloverde> I don't think I have enough LSD to look at ogg right now
<peloverde> show me on the doll where fate touched you
<robclark> it is all controlled by z-order
<spaam> never check the mail
<lu_zero> evil is the new nice
* av500 wants kierank in a box
* nhg thinks av500 is a lot taller in real life than he is on IRC
* gnafu realizes that if we rename "race condition" to "ethnicity condition", removal of such could be referred to as "ethnic cleansing".
<koen> people who use the word 'port' in this channel ususally don't know what google is
* emeb wonders if there's some sort of "development system collector's self-help" group
<av500> I rarely joke
<Sean_McG> you people are silly
<Sean_McG> beer is love
<cartman> av500: nice balls
<av500> france is porn
<woglinde> why is there no koen for panda?
* _av500_ imagines a murder case which is dimissed because the guy was shot in mpeg4
* koen wonders how kosher ham radio is
* _av500_ can't do 5 seconds without bacon
<_av500_> badger badger badger badger?
<therealpro> so who here is actually a professional embedded systems engineer?
<XorA> dumba dumba dumba dumba <ogra_> boom boom boom boom <LetoThe2nd> bawooooooooosh
<_av500_> the devil is just a bunch of registers
<koen> git clown
<koen> javascript: write once, lose respect everywhere
<_av500_> submarines for everybody \o/
<badezucker> ubuntu is like having a maid who doesn't speak my language. wants to be helpful. gets in the way.
<LetoThe2nd> live fast, troll hard
<LetoThe2nd> not exactly pyromaniac. I just like destroying things.
<av500> linux is just a gpio driver with side effects
<mdp> when all you have is a kernel module... <av500> everything looks like an ioctl
<_av500_> ubuntu is a deaf, dumb and blind kid
<LetoThe2nd> I am totally convinced I would have made a great gay guy. Too bad I am not gay.
<mdp> anything that's worthwhile doing can be done by bitbanging gpio
<robclark> I code, therefore I am
<LetoThe2nd> the holy trinity: RMS, RMK, RMA
<DonDiego> you're the wrong kind of lazy - you are short-term lazy instead of long-term
Vertical alignment is overrated. -- Diego Biurrun
<_av500_> aholler: you are not a toaster
<LetoThe2nd> I just do not feel like repeating. I am a sandworm, not a jukebox!
<funman> french ought to be enough for everyone
* mranostay waves guns and beer bottles in the air
* mranostay does the ds2 dance
<mranostay> I could use a shot of mercury right now
<_av500_> some people are wrong
<mdp> quit trying to confuse me with the facts
<funman> one does not simply read fenrir's code
<_av500_> I'll do the bludgeoning
<mdp> Guest18322, please state your question! <mdp> helpdesk:~> _
<av500> do I look like a TRM to you?
<_av500_> I want the above quote out of context!!
<mdp> google google google google
* mranostay notes this channel is extra random today
<mranostay> need to bitbang something
<funman> I don't want to miss an occasion to appear in a fortunes update
<av500> I like öppls
<alan_o> two trolls guard two sets of exact steps. One always tells the truth, the other is mranostay
<mdp> the crystal ball has more details at conferences with drinks
<mranostay> now we are getting silly
<mdp> octotrollbsdcopters
<mdp> don't *you* get all numerical with me
<prpplague> "yo mama is so fat and big, she makes jkridner cloud9 code look small"
<av500> ban assault printers!
<mdp> can we please stay off topic?
<mru> torvalds shaves
<bradfa> shotguns, we need GPIO shotguns
<RPisces> Ok, so I want to compile C++ code on my beagleboard. Is there a way to use visual studio, or should I just do this with netbeans?
<Guest38364> is it necessary to know arm instructions or can it be done by porting
<Shadyman> I shall dual-wield soldering irons and it shall be glorious
<mrpackethead> what the h... is 26-26-54
<CareBear\> the dude abides <CareBear\> trolls don't abide
<mranostay> javascript is the fountain of youth
<panto> linux is not a real time OS, and linus smells of elderberries
<KotH> there is a lot more to programming than just style and syntax
<shapr> I like BOTH kinds of microcontrollers, ARM and AVR!
<PRU_EVTOUT_2> pffft...books? true knowledge comes from irc
<panto> we're all dead and came back as trolls
<mdp> we live to offend
<ynezz> beerbios
<KotH> how is that related to kebab?
<mdp> kanging shall set you free
<ka6sox> hurt me baby, make me compile on a beaglebone
<panto> quick, hide the bears
<georgem> it's like killing kittens. something ubuntu would do
<windu> I am running Windows 8. Do you think it is a power supply issue?
<_av500_> mranostay: shut up and get drunk
<mranostay> you needed to sprinkle Bud Light around the good beer <mranostay> like salt to vampires.. germans can't cross a stream of bad beer
* ka6sox pops ds2 off the stack
<mdp> weird, an outdated wiki
<mdp> fex was created on a monday
<emeb> three beers define a plane?
<_av500_> I sin therefore I am
<KotH> chocolate is my FREEEEEEDOOOOOOM!
<av500> deep fried mice
<av500> the problem with Linux is that user space has no Linus <suihkulokki> Andy Rubin did a good job of being a userspace Linus
<av500> I can declare an emergency friday if needed
<SpeedEvil> I'm a unicorn Pope
<ka6sox> I always knew JavaScript was a gateway drug
<bradfa> I tell people I have friends on the Internet. They ask me why.
* panto blows up the Eiffel tower
<myself> wow, I'm lost
<mranostay> we have enough quotes for everything now don't we?
<_av500_> you kill it, we distill it
<SpeedEvil> I went sane once. <SpeedEvil> It wasn't pleasant.
<mranostay> oh baby bitbang me one more time
<av500> trolls are real
<panto> less jihad, more boobies
* mranostay loves fuzzy people
<av500> the bone moves in mysterious ways
<ka6sox> we aim to please....or at least confuse
<bradfa> the internet of arses?
<bradfa> javascript doesn't deserve to be learned
<jkridner> why do I have to be the mom?
<KotH> chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate! chocolate!
<pb__> souls are for the weak.
<av500> I hate everything
<KotH> ARGHH! A datasheet in FRENCH!
<mdp> rome is churning
* kfoltman is a non-XML parent
<PeteVA> I have the codes
<ds2> thou shalt refrain from using systemd
<bradfa> I want a pony that doesn't require perl
<_av500_> somebody is confused on the internet
<Russ> my clock goes to 13
<Ahmed_> what does google mean?
<panto> let me bathe in your long-lost misery
<KotH> killing people who eat hersheys is the most fun
<_av500_> just burn the place down
<mdp> can we get some live ammo to make this interesting?
<Russ> if gcc is the disappointing girlfriend, g++ must be the bipolar mistress
<av500> panto: smite him!
<av500> I copy code from GPL projects
<ds2> sanity is madness
<kfoltman> js is not a language, it's a set of hacks
<prpplague> if DT had a color it would be pink
<mranostay> cameras are sex
<canid> I like java and java still hates me
<ka6sox> my moose days are over
* mranostay eyes joel_'s liver
<KotH> diodes do not make good sex toys
<emeb> Chocolate trolls - appropriate all year round. A delicious alternative to biting off bunny ears.
* Crofton dresses in asbestos
<mranostay> asbestos all things!
<bradfa> MMUs are for pansies
<av500> my first computer was a guy I bullied into doing my math homework
<mranostay> omg I love fuzzy people!
<mdp> you can have SEX with that
* bradfa loves synergy
<koen> rpi is the scientology of hardware
<koen> if only I could strangle people through the internet
<emeb> FSF is like the PETA of tech
<mdp> nobody ever got fired for blaming the french
<mdp> I was all productive today...then _av500_ happened!
<mranostay> you think we are nice here?
<ds2> there are errors in the truth
<bradfa> the ladies like the verilog
<mdp> rpi and lsd have much in common
<mranostay> all time zones end in texas
<mdp> bootloaders exist to bury bodies
<mdp> maybe buy some vegans if necessary
* alan_o sleeps in a thong
<mranostay> troll everything!
<_av500_> excel is the Arduino for suits
<_av500_> I always lie
* mranostay wants world peace and two hookers
<_av500_> I'm so scared mranostay might get abducted and sold for parts
<dm8tbr> great trolls click alike
<mdp> I prefer it to be utterly terrible
<panto> facts have a pragmatist bias
<Crofton> remember, I will deny anything I say in this channel
* mranostay enjoys fuzzy love
<mranostay> I never want to have sex again
<mdp> there's nothing I like better than a useless application
* mranostay wonders what canadian porn is like
<_av500_> pizza is only good in the original Klingon version
<_av500_> I heard denix does it in starterware
<Russ> whatever you do, don't pet the watchcat
<Russ> verilog can either make you feel like a god, or as if you've descended into some horrible hell
<mdp> greed is good
<mranostay> where there are boobs there is a way
<mranostay> nobody here has "friends"
<mdp> 3 lesbian women in the same room is a serious revenue opportunity
<mranostay> I steal wildlife cameras when drunk
<av500> Latex, Mutex, Semtex
<mranostay> children need hookers too
<mdp> there are no dongle quotes
<mdp> c++ is never fun except as a drunken party trick
<mranostay> crazy is the new sane
<mru> bbb == beer, boobs, bullets
<mdp> this is very exciting!
<mranostay> troll to live, live to troll
<mdp> bitcoin vegan stripper groupies
<panto> I invented the question mark!
<mranostay> wordplay is the foreplay of swearing
<mdp> I will decide what is correct
<alan_o> dongleboobie
<mranostay> make boobs not noobs
<mdp> there are no innocents
<av500> open source is mostly ok, unless it has a GUI
<mranostay> purr less hiss more
<mranostay> anyone have any dead bodies they need buried?
<wmat> erection jihad
<carpman> write once, exception everywhere